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  • The Rundown

    We are improving planning accuracy and execution efficiency; helping you become better at predicting execution (forecasting and planning) and executing safely on that prediction.


    We’ve spent years in the PM industry relying on measurements (EV), methods (PM), and tools (software) for success. But what about the person using these things? What about the motivation, bias, heuristics, personality, and attitude of the person forecasting and doing the work? If you agree that the person makes all the difference, you would be right; in fact the human factor makes up about 70 percent of project success.


    Research has shown that about 70 percent of performance is attributed to human behavioral factors, not technical factors. The combination of EV data with behavioral data provides an opportunity to improve actual performance...not just measure it.


    For decades, organizations have focused on building great tools to organize and show performance. Now Evanclaer addresses the behavior that actually improves performance.


    Did you know that half of projects fail their schedule and cost objectives?

    Evanclaer behavioral EV/PM helps address this issue

    The project management discipline has for years studied project performance and performance prediction, which includes the discipline’s method of performance measurement called Earned Value Management (EVM).


    Simultaneously, and somewhat siloed from project management practitioners, researchers have been studying Behavioral Economics (BE) and decision-making. And while BE has benefitted the finance industry by improving performance, EVM practitioners have not been privy to its existence.


    Project management technical methods have improved some project performance, but the Project Management Institute (2016) shows that projects, on average, still complete within schedule only 49 percent of the time, and complete within original budget only 53 percent of the time.


    The problem in EVM is that the project management discipline has made great strides in improvement of technical performance factors, but it has failed, en masse, to recognize human performance factors, and the potential for improvement of those factors that BE can provide, thus improving project performance.

  • Our Objectives

    • Increased project performance

    • Reduced project failure rates

    • Reduced project schedule and cost overruns

    Josh E. Ramirez, PMP, MSM-PM


    - Masters degree in Project Management

    - Currently pursuing PhD in Business


    - Project Management Faculty member

    Current research: theoretical dissertation in

    Behavioral Project Management

  • The Missing Link

    We're opening doors. Wanna come?

  • Project-Based Organizational Psychology

    Organizational psychology, specific to projects

    Refers to the concept that project-based organizations have unique psychological qualities about them, as distinguished from permanent organizations (which are typically the focus in I/O research). Project-based organizational psychology is the research, and eventual application, of theories and methods that address these unique issues

    Project-Based Organizational Psychology will be the academic arm that performs additional R&D for the application of Behavioral Earned Value and Behavioral Project Management

  • Behavioral Project Management™


    Not your standard project management

    • Emphasizes integration and behavioral decision-making at the process level in project-based organizations


    • Draws from principles in organizational development and behavioral economics


    • Most value provided during the project execution phase


    • Mandate provided by Executive Order 13707


    • Behavioral Project Management Professional (BPMP) certification within 7 years

  • Behavioral Earned Value™


    A whole new way of using earned value

    • Draws on concepts and theories in behavioral economics and earned value management.

    • Objective is integrating EVᴮ into all government and private sector projects, alongside standard EVᴿ (EV, rational)

    • It is expected that action research can begin immediately, with interventions applied in the near-term

    • EVᴮ provides the most value in forecasting and planning, with additional emphasis in monthly monitoring and course corrections for bias and confidence during project execution

    • Mandate and recommendation for behavioral research is found in Executive Order 13707

    • Behavioral Earned Value Professional (BEVP) certification to be created within 7 years

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  • Behavioral Project Management Products and Services Offered

    Business Training, Training Development, and Certification

    Training and certification offered in:

    • Behavioral Project Management (and Neuro Project Management)
    • Behavioral Earned Value
    • Behavioral Project Leadership (and Neuro Project Leadership)
    • Leadership Coaching

    Project Management and Organizational Development Consulting

    • Management Consulting
    • Project Management processes
    • Earned Value Management
    • Organizational Development
    • Project Controls behavioral processes
    Project Management consulting and Behavioral Project Management covers (but not limited to) the following industries:
    • Energy
    • Construction/EPC
    • Waste Management
    • IT
    • Nuclear decontamination projects
    • Other business project management